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Judy is kind, compassionate, and very smart.  She is in tune with many of the core areas of my own life such as creativity and spirituality.  She is leading me on a path to be a generally better person, able to deal effectively with the frustrations I’ve encountered in my “new normal” and to find a path that is full of peace and vitality.”  –Heather S.

Judy helped me trust so much.  She allowed me to talk about things I never thought I could talk about, and her office will always be a safe place for me.  I am realizing more and more just how lucky I was to have found her.  She will always have a special place in my heart.  The impact she made on me cannot be put into words.  She’s the best!”  –Nancy S.

Judy has been a huge help to me, forcing me to see myself, acknowledge feelings and perceptions of myself I had failed to accept before, and give myself more credit for the person I am.  Especially helpful has been the dredging up of issues I had stuffed.  For all that, I thank her.”  —Eileen W

Working with Judy helped us establish a plan, take responsibility and learn how to work together when disciplining. My husband has taken a big step by becoming the main authority figure with our son. Judy has been a blessing to our family in more than one way.  We appreciate her intervention, counsel, and guidance.”  –Name Withheld by Request

Judy is the best helper in the world.  I love that she plays games with me!  She is helping me feel good.”  –Child’s Name Withheld by Request

Because of the work we have done together, I am becoming a person I can be proud of.”  –Keri F.

I am so glad I found Judy.  She’s the kind of person I 

would really love to have as a friend.  I just love going to see her! It brings me up so much.”


My husband and I are doing well, and we both agree that the therapy we received from Judith Driscoll

 is what helped us both out.  –Angie S.


I believe the most meaningful testimonials come through the people I’ve helped. Thank you for your kind words.  –Judy 

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